Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here's a Great Reason To Fall Back To Sleep

Set your clocks back an hour tonight and you can catch a few extra winks on Sunday morning!

Daylight Saving Time in the US begins on the first Sunday in November. Set your clocks back an hour to move an extra hour of daylight to the morning.

Listen up, Halloween partiers: you can howl at the moon extra long on Saturday night. You’re getting an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, thanks to Daylight Saving Time.

It’ll be an early risers’ paradise for the next four months, with an extra hour of daylight moving to the morning. Night owls will just have to wait for their moment in the sun until March, when we spring forward and move that hour back to the evening.

If you're not sure how to change the time on your electronics or kitchen appliance, download owner's manuals for your electronics and appliances on

Let Daylight Saving Time serve as a reminder for several other things you should do around your home, including: changing your smoke detector batteries; tightening loose fuses in your fuse box; replacing your furnace filter; installing storm windows in place of your screens; and checking that your carbon monoxide detectors are operable.

One last thing you should do: mark the spring forward date on your calendar; it’s March 14, 2010.


1. Before you go to bed on the first Saturday in November, locate everything in your house, garage and car that keeps time, including clocks, watches, DVD, microwave and range.
2. Set each timepiece back an hour.
3. Sleep in on Sunday morning!

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