Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Steps to Savings: Free Stuff & Great Deals

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Free Stuff & Great Deals

Who knew babies could be so expensive? BabyCenter's is a great resource and is here to help, with great coupons for baby supplies plus special discounts and savings just for you. Check out all the latest baby savings: baby coupons, free baby stuff, and fun sweepstakes for you and your family!
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The Key To Happiness

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.

- James Oppenheim, short-story writer, novelist, poet

The key to happiness

The secret to happiness is not to get what you want, but to want what you already have. If you think about it, most discontent grows from want. We want more stuff, more excitement, more pleasure. When we don't get those things, we're resentful and unsatisfied. Take away the want, and you take away the unhappiness. When your quality of life is tied to your desires, fulfillment is a shadow that escapes your view. Like trying to imagine a new color, the harder you look, the harder it is to see. Does this mean you stop setting goals and striving for a healthy lifestyle and better life? No. It means you can appreciate life regardless of the outcome. It means you can relish the pursuit while accepting the possibility of failure. It means you can still enjoy the ride. Happiness is not a destination--it's a way of life.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Kmart Thanksgiving Bluelight Specials

Bluelight Specials for 11/26-11/29 THURSDAY to SUNDAY from 1PM-6PM!


·         Kids Route 66 Graphic Tees $3.99 (Reg. $7.99)

·         Essential Home 7.5' x 9.5' Rug in a Bag $34.99 (Reg. $69.99)

·         All Multi-Roll Wrap 50% Off (Reg. $7.99)

Don’t forget to follow @KmartDealsnNews and use the #KmartBLS hashtag for a chance to win every day!  For more info & rules: http://tr.im/KmartBLSGood luck!