Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Win A Little Einstein Bounce House for Christmas!

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Win A Little Einstein Bounce House for Christmas!

Win Your "Rocket" Bounce House!!!
Passion Parent and Bouncers Bounce House Inflatables will be giving away a FREE BOUNCE HOUSE  to one  lucky reader this holiday season, guaranteed to be delivered in time to sneak under the tree! (free shipping is only available in the Continental United States-will ship elsewhere if you are willing to pick up shipping costs).
An Inflatable Bounce House makes the perfect gift for all children ages 2 and up depending on the model!  For the shy child or one full of imagination, children with special needs or just a child with a little too much energy, have one child or 5 children – then an Inflatable Bounce House will meet your child’s needs!  They offer variety, exercise and hours of non-stop fun!  Inflatable Bounce Houses are the safer version of the beloved “Tree House” of our youth. Kids can build there own little worlds and play till their hearts content, all in a safe and inflatable environment.  And the best part – it’s exercise too!  Do you have one of those children who you have to fuss with to go play, to put down the video games and get outside and play?  Get them an Inflatable Bounce House and watch the transition take place.  Whether it’s raining, snowing or a perfect sunny day, there’s no other childrens’ toy that will offer such variety of healthy entertainment.  And let’s not forget portability and ease of set up.

Passion Parent and Bouncers Bounce House Inflatables are so excited to be able to play Santa and give away – COMPLETELY FREE, 1 Little Einstein Bounce House!  They’ll be selecting one of  reader as the lucky winner on December 19th, 2009.  That way it gets shipped and under your tree in time to be unwrapped. W00t!



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  1. Very nice material has been used in this. Kids always get fascinated towards bouncers. I have recently purchased a bounce house for my little sister. I searched badly but couldn't find. Atlast I my friend told me about this link bounce house.